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Wish Lists


  • Women:  shoes, all sizes

  • Women:  sizes 12, 14, 16, 18 dresses and outfits

  • Women:  purses

  • Teen Girls: anything 

  • Babies:  6 - 9 months

  • Boys:  18 months - teens

  • Older Kids:  heavy winter coats

  • Men:  dress shirts, S - XL, especially white

  • Men:  small sizes:  shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, sweaters, coats, size 30-32 pants

  • Men:  shoes, all sizes

  • Men:  belts, underwear, PJs

  • Soccer:  anything soccer related for kids or adults

We can only use current styles in excellent condition.

Wheeled Luggage

  • Our mission co-workers are returning to the field and are in need of luggage with wheels to transport supplies.

  • Both new and used items are welcome.

Specific Items


These items may be purchased and brought to Mission Haven, or you can purchase them on-line and have them shipped to us.  Please contact us in advance to make sure that others have not made previous plans to donate a certain item before sending your item(s).  The list will be updated as residences are renewed.


  • Plastic storage boxes with lids

  • Suitcases with wheels


Host a shower for Mission Haven to gather paper goods, toiletries or laundry and cleaning supplies.  We try to have basic needs in the bathroom and kitchen for the families arriving off planes from overseas. 

Select Carefully

  • Items need to be in excellent condition:  donations are used by missionary and seminary families only.

  • Please share your outdated clothes and anything in questionable condition with other agencies. 

  • Before donating, please remember that we have a very small volunteer staff and limited storage space, so we cannot accept large quantities.

  • Thanks to each of you.


We welcome individuals and groups to assist with a variety of chores, including:

  • minor repairs

  • bicycle maintenance

  • lawn care

  • landscaping

  • preparing a unit for a new resident

If you are available to assist on a regular or one-time basis, please contact Alice Day at 770-469-7363 for more information.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are used to replace smaller items, to purchase cleaning supplies, and for repairs, as needed:

  • HomeGoods

  • Home Depot

  • Lowe’s

  • Walmart

  • Big Lots

  • Tuesday Morning

  • SAM's Club

  • Costco Wholesale

Monetary Donations

Of course, financial contributions are always welcome and needed to maintain our 3 houses and 6 apartments.

Clothes Closet

     We serve mission co-workers and their families, including men, women, and children while they are living at Mission Haven.  We also serve the students who attend Columbia Theological Seminary and their families.  We supply everything from underwear to overcoats.


     We ask that you only bring items that are in good condition and in style — would you give it to your own pastor and his/her family?  Other organizations like homeless shelters, Goodwill and Salvation Army will certainly appreciate the items that will not meet our standards.  We have limited storage space. Your willingness to sort clothing drive donations before bringing them to Mission Haven will greatly help our very limited volunteer staff.


     Clothing for children and teens are always needed.  Shopping at the Clothes Closet definitely helps those limited family budgets.  We want our kids to look great when they walk into school or church.  


      If you arrive when the closet is closed, you can place your donations on the bench and/or hang on the clothing rod just outside the door.  Rest assured, this area is protected from the elements.  Our Resident Manager will move your items inside at her earliest convenience.  If you would like an acknowledgment, please leave your name and address in the box.  For additional questions, please contact Susan Adle: 404-791-1363.

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